About Us

We are Test Automation, Azure Migration & IT Services Company. Our professionals can expand, test, install and maintain your robotic workforce.

Our Mission

Allowing our customers to exceed expectations in their automation journey by turning their RPA techniques into assured enterprise outcomes.

Helping our clients to increase their investment

Our portfolio of expert RPA solutions and IT services enables our clients to maximize their investments and capacity within the achievement of enterprise goals and the realization of fast returns. we are a dedicated crew of professionals who value long-term relationships and take satisfaction in achieving customer satisfaction. The enterprise has fast evolved a track record of relatively a hit automation and IT initiatives through handing over pinnacle expertise and using RPA proprietary gear to build and maintain staff performance.

Why Choose Us?

Wherever the destiny takes us, our customers will be at the center of our thinking. we are constantly making an investment greater sources in client insights and constructing our organizational talents so we will keep growing step forward and customizable solutions so that it will wonder and thrill our clients throughout the united states of America. As niche experts inside the regions that affect companies the most, we goal to apply our knowledge to reduce client hard work prices in new and revolutionary methods. it is this power for achievement that has led us to our RPA solutions, IT challenge Staffing & Consulting, and automated workforce offerings. We specialize in the development, checking out, deployment, and renovation of your robot workforce.

We at 7C info will help you to achieve success

Whether it’s a technology challenge or a resource challenge, we have the answers