Test Automation Framework


Over greater than 15 years of implementing test automation, 7C Infos’ engineers have collected best practices and core functions that are required unbiased of the capability or generation of the application you’re testing.

These capabilities were integrated into the 7C Info Automation Framework and form the foundation for effectively enforcing successful test automation across a variety of technology and applications.

This speeds up the implementation of test automation via supplying the core functionality needed for all implementations independent of the application under test. 7C Info maintains the Automation Framework for both HPE UFT and Selenium (Java).

With Test Automation, You Will:

Test Automation can considerably enhance the effectiveness – and reduces the price – of regression testing. but, many businesses come to be bogged down with maintenance and perform very little test execution via automated means. Why? The techniques and knowledge required to build a dependable and maintainable test suite are not core to maximum businesses – valuable resources come to be distracted with implementing automation by way of trial and error.

Accelerate Value

Achieve the fastest time to value by implementing automation on a foundation of proven processes, technology and knowledge.

Increase Resource

Value Focus your QA and testing resources on their core expertise – test definition and analysis.

Minimize Cost

Reduce total automation costs via ATF’s maintainable, reliable and expandable architecture.

Maximize Coverage

Increase quality through more effective and consistent testing

Core Features


Automation Framework is developed using standard Selenium libraries.